Renter should publish the kind of goods or services on RentKhan that are
  • durable,
  • that don’t get damaged easily
  • that are not fragile
  • that agree with terms and conditions of RentKhan
  • that do not violate the law of the country.
The Renter should rent to/by
  • friends or friends of friends
  • People who live in the neighborhood
  • the acquaintances
  • By taking a copy of their national ID and address to make sure the identity is genuine
  • By asking the user to fill a declaration form. (form can be downloaded from RentKhan here)
The Renter may take some amount as security deposit from the user, and give it back to the user of the Goods or Services after he returns the Goods or Services without any damage.
  • The amount of security deposit should be the amount agreed between both the parties involved (Renter and User).
  • Renter should rent only those Goods and Services that comply with list mentioned above.
  • Renter should display genuine information about the Goods or Services on RentKhan.
  • In case the Goods or services being rented has an insurance, Renter should make sure that the insurance cover the Goods or Services while given on rent.
  • Renter can take Pictures of the Goods before handing them over to the User. Show the pictures to the User and these pictures can be used as a reference to judge the condition of Goods at the time of return.
  • Renter should understand that he is giving the Goods or Services on rent based on his own discretion and should anything happen to the Goods or Services, the matters should be settled between Renter and User. RentKhan is just providing a platform and will NOT get involved in any way possible. Renter should read and understand Terms and Conditions of RentKhan before using the service.
  • Ask User to fill the Declaration Form before handing over goods or services to the User.
  • User should take utmost care not to damage, ruin or mishandle the Goods or Services.
  • User should comply with all the Terms and Conditions of RentKhan.
  • User should submit a copy of his identification and declaration form to the Renter before taking over the Goods or Services.
  • User should respect the duration of rent and return the Goods or Services on time, in good condition and with agreement with terms agreed between Renter and User at the time of transaction.
Unfortunately if any damage or mishandling happens to the Goods or Services,
  • Renter and User should be fair and reasonable to reach an agreement to resolve the issue.
  • Renter can deduct partial or whole amount from the security deposit. He should be reasonable and rational in deciding the amount to be deducted. Renter and User should agree to the amount without bias.
  • If the Goods and Services are insured, the Renter, User and Insurance Company should resolve the issue with transparency.
  • In case of delay, both Renter and User should communicate with each other about the delay. Should Renter want to impose the penalty for the delay, User should agree and Renter should be reasonable and rational with the penalty.
  • If the conflict is not getting resolved between the Renter and User, they should take the matter to the court of law and resolve the issue legally.

These are just recommended suggestions to help Renter and User for easy transactions; RentKhan will NOT be involved in any transaction. RentKhan provides the platform to ease the renting process for the benefit of both Renter and User. Anything that happens to the Goods or Services is sole responsibility of Renter and User.

RentKhan reserves the right to change the guidelines at any time at their own sole discretion.